About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog The Denver Housewife! I’m so happy you decided to stop by, as happy as a fat kid with cake or anyone with cake for that matter. I mean, what’s not to love about cake?

The Denver Housewife is a blog about family and everything that goes along with it, Product reviews, Fun events, Recipes, and everything in between. The Denver Housewife was started after we moved to Denver, Colorado in 2011. I’ve always loved sharing my opinion on things I have tried and what better way to do that then with a blog!? Having a family is a lot of work and buying new products for them can be stressful. My hopes are that I can make your life a little easier by sharing products I like with you and take the guess work out of “if my family will like it”.

My name is Jamie. I’m a 28 year old mom to 3 and wife. Originally from San Francisco, Ca we moved to Denver, Colorado in 2011 to raise our growing family and have fallen in love with the beauty of Colorado. I’m a medical biller, turned stay at home mom, turned blogger. I spend my days having funny conversations with my 3 year old daughter, ignoring the cleaning that needs to be done, and feeding my social media addiction.

hubs and I

The hubs and I met many many years ago and we were friends for 6+ years before finally dating and he’s truly my best friend. I know everyone says that about their husbands, but he was my best friend before we started dating and has continued to be one. He’s the person who can always cheer me up when I’m having a bad day, make me laugh over the dumbest things, and just be my partner in life. We see eye to eye on almost everything and it’s comforting knowing your going through life, raising kids with someone who is truly on the same page as you and together we have a blended family with 3 kids.

Eric is my 10 year old son who lives in California and while he’s not very active on my blog, since he’s a few states away, he still makes an appearance once in awhile. He’s big into video games, mario brothers, mine craft, and telling his sister to leave him alone. He’s more of the shy one in the family and likes to keep to himself.

Together the hubs and I have a 3 year old daughter, Maddie, who has a bubbling personality. She is a real people person who loves all things princesses, arts n crafts, and amusement parks. She’s definitely my little thrill seeker and always keeps life interesting with the funny things she says. She loves helping out on the blog and is often upset when a package arrives that’s not for her to try out.

I’m currently expecting my 3 child who is due to make his appearance in early December 2013. Baby William is the hubs and I’s second child together and we’re just waiting for him to come into this world and bless our family some more.

Our family loves relaxing at home and spending time together, traveling to new places, visiting amusement parks, zoo’s, and other attractions, and eating out together. We’re all into technology and have our own iPads, spend time playing video games together, and watching movies. We go through life together as a family and there’s never a dull day in our house.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll check back often as new reviews are posted, yummy recipes are shared, and fun giveaways are going on! The Denver Housewife is a PR friendly blog that is always looking for new partnership!