Nursing Made Comfortable with Loving Moments Nursing Bras!

I knew from the moment I found out I was pregnant that I wanted to nurse William so when it got towards the end of my pregnancy I started looking for nursing bras. I had purchased some from a Maternity store with my last pregnancy and with my big chest they weren’t that great, unsupportive and flimsy. When Loving Moments by Leading Lady sent over a few of their nursing bras I was eager to test them out and along with the bras I got to try out some of their maternity items. I have to say that I was really impressed with the quality of everything and have fallen in love with this brand…

LeggingsFirst up I tried out their maternity leggings. There is nothing I love more than a pair of comfy leggings, especially at 8 months pregnant and these leggings were PERFECT. Comfy, stretchy, and they have an adjustable waist band to grow with your growing belly. I wore these during pregnancy andĀ postpartum and they’re my favorite pair of leggings to date. No rolling waist band, no losing shape, no see through fabric, and they can be dressed up or down. A must have in any maternity wardrobe.

cute-maternity-topsNext up is their Maternity Top. This top is versatile in it’s great for wear during pregnancy and then can be used as a nursing top after your little one arrives. It’s comfy, lightweight, and easily pulls aside to nurse. It has a built in shelf bra and racer back, perfect for the active mom on the go. I love wearing this around the house as a lounge top and it’s another must have in a maternity/nursing wardrobe.

maternity-sleep-braAlong with the leggings this sleep bra is another one of my favorite items. Truly a must have. It’s so comfortable, soft, and easy to pull aside. When I’m out running around I can’t wait to come home and put this bra on. Even with a large bust this bra is comfortable and I’m not spilling out of it. This is like the yoga pants of bras people! I love it so much that I had to go out and buy a couple more from Walmart because it’s that comfortable. I still like to wear some of my regular bras and since my boobs have gotten bigger they’re a little tight and I literally dream of coming home and putting this on. It’s stretchy and even when my boobs are super full, it’s still comfortable. I can’t say enough good things about this bra.

L377-Nude-prod-pageThe Seamless Bralette Nursing Bra is another great bra to have on hand. Like the sleep bra it’s super comfortable, stretchy, and easy to unhook. I have a big bust, like a G cup and this fits me nicely. It’s not the most supportive for me so I wear this around the house and love it. I can easily hook and unhook it with one hand and I like the adjustable straps.

L6-PadsWashable Nursing Pads – Before receiving these I had always used disposable nursing pads. They worked great and I don’t have to wash them, especially since I hate doing laundry. I wanted to be fair and give these a try and I was really impressed. They’re soft, comfortable, and super absorbent and I really didn’t even notice that I was wearing them. These have given me reason to make the switch to reusable nursing pads and they’re much more Eco-friendly!

I’m really enjoying all of the items from the new Loving Moments line of nursing bras. They’re available only in Walmart stores and at and the best part is they’re affordable. Some nursing bras are so expensive that it makes it hard to get nursing bras, but this line is truly budget friendly and good quality. Some must have items for any pregnant or nursing mama.


  1. Sophie says

    Hey Jamie!

    I’ve been really enjoying the reviews on your site. I just wanted to ask if you’d ever come across amoralia nursing bras?

    I’ve read about them online, but I can’t find any reviews on them. Have you used them?

    Soph x

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