Back 2 School: Uniforms from French Toast + Giveaway!

I received uniforms from French Toast for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own!

french toast school uniformsIt seems like more and more public schools are opting for kids to wear uniforms these days. When I was growing up it seemed like only the private schools had uniforms and since I went to private school I had to wear a uniform. I had mixed emotions about them, but overall it made getting ready for school so much easier since I already knew what I was going to wear each day. When my toddler started preschool through our public school district I found out she would be wearing uniforms and I was a little relieved since getting her ready for school each morning would be a little bit easier, plus there is something about a kid in a uniform that screams cuteness to me!

I think it’s fair to say that all of the major kids brands and stores offer school uniforms, right? But it seems like they only offer the basics, polo shirts and pants for the most part. When picking up my toddlers uniforms I wanted a little variety to her wardrobe and that’s why French Toast is perfect for our uniform needs. Not only are they America’s best selling brand of school uniforms, but they are affordable and offer a variety of items from polo shirts, button down shirts, shorts, pants, skirts, jumpers, sweaters and a variety of other items. Many many years ago my mom used to work for a school uniform supplier and I had mentioned French Toast to her and she said they were one of the companies they worked with and how they had great uniforms, so I knew they would be a good company to work with.

french toast school uniforms

For the toddler we picked up a few items like these pull-on khaki pants and hooded cable knit cardigan. One thing that impressed me with French Toast is that they offer toddler sizes in uniforms. My little one is currently still in a toddler size, but is borderline going into a kids size, so it was nice being able to order some items in toddler and some in regular. My toddler has always been on the petite side and most of the time pants are way too big for her in the waist and even though the pull-on pants have a stretch elastic waist they are still a little big on her and I didn’t notice any adjustable waist pants in toddler sizes which is a bit of a bummer. If this is something they could offer that would be awesome for those of us with super skinny kids! The cable knit polo is going to be perfect for fall and the cable knit design gives this cute cardigan a little more style verses a plain cardigan.

french toast girls uniform

We also picked up the Short Sleeve Pique Polo and Pleated Scooter with Grosgrain Ribbon. I also ran into the same problem with the skirt being a little on the big side in the waist, but it’s so cute and I love that it has built in shorts with it. Now I don’t have to worry about making sure the little one has shorts under her skirt since she’s still learning to keep her legs closed when it comes to swearing skirts/dresses. The polo is unisex and I like that it’s on the soft side.

All of the items we received from French Toast are good quality, available in different colors, and very budget friendly! They make uniform shopping a breeze and I love the variety of items they offer to keep uniform wearing fun and not the same ol pants and polo each day.


French Toast was nice enough to offer one reader the chance to win 2 shirts and a pair of pants of their choice! To enter fill out the rafflecopter form below!!

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  1. Sarah A says

    For my daughter, I make fun hairbows to complete her look. For my son, he doesn’t care, so I don’t bother..haha

  2. says

    Our city just implemented uniforms this year for all grades.. including high school! To show their individuality, they are allowed to wear their choice of closed toe shoes, hair “pretties” as we call them, cute backpacks, and accessories.

  3. Carmen Van Deursen says

    I like that we can pick from any closed toe shoe in black, blue, brown and white. My son had fun picking out his own shoes.

  4. Sandy VanHoey says

    with my granddaughter, she has cute hair accessories and socks, shoes and my grandson also has real stylish shoes to wear with his uniform

  5. says

    Well, I have three boys in school uniform, so there are no hair accessories for them to make their outfits fashionable. We use elastic belts in their favorite colors, cool shoes (this year one has a pair of spiderman shoes, another has a pair of shark shoes, and my oldest son has a pair of cool skate shoes), and then they get to choose their own sweaters as well.

  6. Sarah C says

    We do hair accessories. After the first week back in uniforms, my little girl went all out that weekend. Lace gloves and everything. She puts a lot more thought into her outfits on the weekends now that we are doing uniforms.

  7. Norma Fay says

    These pictures are adorable. I agree with you that School Uniforms really make the morning go by more easily and they are beyond cute. My kids were uniforms as well. We got them at Burlington Coat Factory adn they had really good prices there.

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